PAPER Kraft Special papers Hight Density Paper Thermally upgraded paper Calendered Paper Other types available on request CEI 55-8/2-27 IEC 851/317-27 Windings for oil transformers
POLYESTER MYLAR Polyester base customer specifications 130 °C All application in thermal class 130
FIBRE GLASS PREPREG Fibre glass tissues in tapes shape with or without resins imprennation totally or partially reticulated 155 ± 240 °C Spacial windings, with epoxy resins at B stag, and super conductors
POLYAMIDE NOMEX Polyamide base NEMA MW 60-A/60-C 200 °C Windings for dry transformers and arc welding mashines
POLYAMIDE SPECIAL FILM Polyamide base IEC 851/317-M 220 °C Traction motors, special applications in 220 thermal class and superconductors for low temperature
KAPTON® TEFLON AND KAPTON® FCR Kapton polymide and anticorona effect Kapton teflon film 340 °C Used for aerospace and mainly traction motors