CTP srl (company trafil production) is a company that deals with the production and marketing of both electrical conductors (wires and strips of copper and aluminum taped and not) and welding wires (aluminum and its alloys).
The products of C.T.P. they are used in the most various sectors: electric cables, transformer windings, metal components, motor windings, medical equipment
The production of electrical conductors is characterized by the realization of three phases:
The drawing makes continuous wires or plates.
Our straps can satisfy all customer requests starting from a minimum thickness of mm. 1.00 up to a maximum thickness of 7.00 mm and starting from a minimum width of 3.00 mm up to a maximum width of 22.00 mm. The laser control system guarantees centesimal precision.
After the lamination phase, the material is subjected to the annealing process.
The annealing phase, necessary for the re-crystallization of the semi-finished product, is carried out using a latest generation "CIEFFE" type oven, compliant with European standards.
After annealing the material, when required, is ready to be taped.
The taping phase allowes to isolate copper or aluminum in different materials such as PAPER KRAFT, NOMEX, MYLAR, NASTROVETRO, MICAVETRO, KAPTON in different layers and with other insulators. Being aware of the great range of this sector, we are always available to satisfy the most various requests from the customer.
Thanks to the implementation of a JUST IN TIME production system and a highly flexible structure, CTP is able to satisfy the most personal requests of the customer in terms of delivery times. Furthermore, trying to make the most of economies of scale we are able to offer highly competitive prices, especially when there are offers for large volumes.
In addition, CTP has inside, a laboratory of the latest generation, which allows to check the quality of the product, from a geometry of the section point of view (Profile Projector) from a mechanical point of view (Test machine for traction ), and from an electrical point of view (Dielectric strength test machines).
Beyond electrical conductors, C.T.P. produces welding wire in aluminum and its alloys (5356,5183,4043,5052, etc.).
This welding wire first undergoes a drawing on the roughing machine, which reduces its diameter to bring it to an almost finished diameter; Then the material is annealed and after the annealing the wire is brought to the finished diameter on a "shaving machine" that "shaves it" allowing the obtaining of a clean and shiny wire.
After the shaving, the wire ends its transformation phase and is ready to be placed on plastic reels of various sizes (according to customer requirements) on the "spire-coil" machine or it is ready to make rods on "bacchettatrici" machines .